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Customized workshops provide insight and tools for using NDR to resolve common disputes.

I Wish I Had Learned That in Law School

Rob Christopher talks with law students about the growing gap in American civil justice due to too-costly litigation and a valuable new alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tool for contracts and negotiations that can help close that gap.  The talk also includes other top real-world lessons learned in his 40+ years of practice as a career large firm civil litigator and now General Counsel.  

In this engaging talk or workshop session, Rob provides future lawyers with a practitioner insider’s view of the following complementary real-world lessons learned over the course of a dedicated career in civil litigation:

  • the compelling benefits of a client-centric approach to legal practice, 
  • the crucially important value of creative, outside-the-box problem solving, and
  • the existence and extraordinary usefulness of neutral-driven resolution (NDR) for avoiding and resolving legal disputes whose costs to clients in legal fees, time, and peace of mind will otherwise consume the limited financial stakes in dispute

Rob’s entertaining style and fresh, innovative, and practical approach to both effective and ethical representation of clients against the risks of too-costly litigation make this a welcome and invaluable session, perspective, and addition to the working toolkits of all future lawyers.