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Customized workshops provide insight and tools for using NDR to resolve common disputes.

What Is Neutral-Driven Dispute Resolution (NDR) and Why Should It Be in My Toolkit?

Rob Christopher introduces both litigation and transactional lawyers to a valuable new alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tool that can be used in contracts and settlement negotiations.  His compelling discussion includes reflection on the growing gap in American civil justice due to too-costly litigation when stakes are limited and how this ADR tool can help close the gap and prevent collective damage to the reputation of the legal profession.  Drawing from his 40+ years of practice as a career large firm civil litigator and now General Counsel, Rob’s insights are sure to engage and inform. 

In this MCLE-eligible talk or workshop session, Rob provides fellow practitioners practical approaches to protect their clients from too-costly litigation.  Attendees will learn:

  • When and how to use a neutral-driven resolution (NDR) process in negotiations and contracts to deter frivolous lawsuits and dramatically reduce the costs of disputes that can’t be avoided
  • How to gain and retain client loyalty by ensuring that clients make truly informed decisions about handling legal situations, including their assessments of competing values, risk factors, and potential solutions impacting their money, time, and peace of mind
  • How to use a free online Total Costs of Litigation Calculator to estimate likely legal and hidden costs of a dispute (win or lose)

Rob’s entertaining style and fresh, innovative, and practical approach to both effective and ethical representation of clients against the risks of too-costly litigation make this a welcome and invaluable session, perspective, and addition to the working toolkits of all lawyers.