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Customized workshops provide insight and tools for using NDR to resolve common disputes.

The Insider’s Guide to Reducing Your Business’ Risks and Costs of Common Profit-Stealing Lawsuits

Managing a business is not for the faint of heart.  Recruiting and engaging employees, meeting customer expectations, and profitably managing supply chains, regulations, and cash flows all require full attention. 

Yet it doesn’t end there.  Leaders must still navigate legal risks in a lawsuit-happy culture.  Studies consistently reveal that litigation—whether with employees, customers, vendors, or business partners—ranks among the top risks perceived by small to medium-sized businesses in the U.S.

In this engaging workshop session, Rob Christopher provides business owners, managers, and in-house counsel with practical approaches to protect their organizations from costly litigation.  Participants will learn:

  • How  to make better-informed decisions about handling legal situations, including how to identify risk factors and potential solutions to save money, time, and peace of mind
  • How to use a free online Total Costs of Litigation Calculator to estimate likely legal and hidden costs of a dispute (win or lose), and
  • When and how to use a neutral-driven resolution (NDR) process in negotiations and contracts to deter frivolous lawsuits and dramatically reduce the costs of disputes that can’t be avoided

Rob’s entertaining style and fresh, innovative, and practical approach to proactively shielding businesses from risks of too-costly litigation make this a must-attend session for all business owners and managers.

“Rob Christopher has powerful insights regarding Neutral-Driven Dispute Resolution. He’s an engaging speaker who delivers a thought-provoking message that both legal and business professionals need to hear.”

Donna Shestowsky, J.D., Ph.D.


“I highly recommend Rob Christopher’s NDR workshop. He truly provides strong takeaways and valuable insights that most business people are not aware of yet are critical at this time!”

Scott Reeves Vistage Chair


“Rob has a unique ability to integrate his former experience as a litigator with his theatrical background and an innovative approach to justice which keeps his audience interested and engaged.”

Maria S. Bellafronto, Hopkins Carley