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What Customers are Saying

Eugene Ashley, Shareholder, Hopkins & Carley ALC

I recommend Just Resolve when litigation is not the right solution for my client.

Carol Meschter, CEO of Comparative Biosystems, Inc., Sunnyvale, California

Our decision to include Just Resolve clauses in hundreds of customer contracts has made us a more attractive business partner, while contributing to an almost perfect record for resolving such customer disputes without costly litigation.

Sharon Reeves, President of Photoflex Inc., Watsonville, California

My business partner and I were able to reconcile and avoid costly litigation after I engaged Just Resolve in a neutral first party facilitation. The approach made so much sense!

Don Billups, President (retired), Air Systems, Inc., San Jose, California

I will use Just Resolve services because they get the ’emotion’ out of the process, focus solely on seeking the truth on a level playing field, and make an objective, binding decision faster than the current alternatives.

Frank York, Butler Construction

Just Resolve changes the dispute resolution construct from win/lose to win/win – by driving the cost, stress and gamesmanship out of the process.

Bruce Wood,former President/CEO of ePower Synergies, Inc., Cordova, Illinois

My customer and I were set to fight over a major warranty claim, but after talking with Just Resolve, we agreed that legal costs would swamp the stakes. When I proposed using Just Resolve’s truth-focused process, the logjam broke and we reached a fair settlement.