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Total Costs of Litigation Calculator

How much does litigation usually cost?
The Total Costs of Litigation (TCL) Calculator is a fast, easy-to-use tool that will enable you to estimate roughly your total costs of litigation through trial or arbitration of any given business dispute involving opposing attorneys, regardless of whether you win or lose. If you are not sure of your answer to a question, just make a best guess.
  • Dispute Questions

  • ("early" = after basic investigation and some depositions, but before expert opinions, trial preparation and trial)
  • Evidence Questions

  • Financial Questions

  • (If more than one attorney in a law firm will work on the case, you should estimate a blended or average rate.)
  • Hidden Litigation Costs

  • (One way to estimate this is to multiply days or hours diverted for each person likely to be involved by their compensation rate. People almost always underestimate lost productivity, which will exceed 80 hours even in the smallest disputes.)
  • (One way to estimate value is to consider what you would be willing to pay simply to avoid something or its risk.)
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