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New Alternative Dispute Resolution Book Describes Innovative Method to Lower Costs, Aggravation of Business and Legal Disputes 

A Neutral-Driven Resolution Process Saves Substantial Time, Money, Stress

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 24, 2022 — Legal disputes and conflicts cost businesses billions of dollars a year in lawyers’ fees, lost productivity, time, and aggravation. A new book proposes an innovative, faster, and simpler way to settle common business and legal disputes without absurdly high costs and headaches of lengthy litigation or traditional alternative dispute resolution methods.

Just Right: How Neutral-Driven Resolution Can Close the Gap in American Civil Justice by Robert Christopher brings a new, rational approach to settling limited-stakes disputes (usually between $10,000 and $500,000) in a faster, less costly, and less adversarial way.

“I’m offering a simple and practical tool that everyone can adopt in their business and personal lives that will improve outcomes, financial bottom lines, and best of all peace of mind,” said Christopher, a self-admitted “recovering attorney” with over 40 years of experience in law and business, based in San Jose, Calif. “Not coincidentally, win or lose, these better outcomes also create real justice that respects both economic proportion and personal dignity.”

Called NDR—Neutral-Driven Resolution—the method engages mutually agreed neutral judges or experts instead of dueling lawyers, to investigate and decide disputes. The NDR process can even be written into contracts at the time of signing so both sides agree that should any dispute arise, it will be used to achieve an efficient and principled settlement. “It’s like having a spare tire in your trunk,” Christopher says. “You may never need it, but it’s great to have if there’s a blow-out.”

Currently the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Alternative Dispute Resolution category, Christopher’s book outlines the NDR process using case studies, anecdotes, and illustrations that explain how it helps save time, money, and relationships.

Phillip K. Howard, author of The Death of Common Sense and founder of Common Good, calls the book “a compelling and innovative new way to resolve conflicts, one that avoids wasted time, scorched-earth tactics, and crushing legal fees.”

As an AV Preeminent-rated litigation and trial attorney, Christopher served as Nor Cal regional Managing Partner at international law firm Coudert Brothers, and as Litigation Counsel with Hopkins & Carley specializing in commercial, antitrust, and intellectual property disputes. A successful lead trial attorney in major jury cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, Christopher also is an experienced neutral arbitrator, mediator, and settlement judge pro tem. He is also General Counsel to family-owned Christopher Ranch LLC in Gilroy, California, the nation’s leading producer of fresh garlic, where he has used NDR to help settle numerous disputes.

His company, Just Resolve, offers and champions NDR to resolve disputes for small business, corporations, and individuals, and supports attorneys in their use of NDR to address limited stakes cases.

For more information, see the Just Resolve website (, or purchase the book on Amazon.

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