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Meet our Partners

Just Resolve is committed to delivering real justice to business owners, leaders, professionals and individuals who need to resolve a dispute, misunderstanding or legal issue without the high cost of litigation. Since each situation is different, we collaborate with other service providers who offer contract writing, review and management, arbitration, mediation, and evaluation of legal cases.

The Syllabi Global consulting group’s tenured contracts professionals review, draft and manage contracts for clients in a variety of industries.  Syllabi’s comprehensive claims, compliance and negotiation services ensure their clients’ needs are covered. Just Resolve’s Protection Plans and Just Free contract clauses shield their clients from costly litigation to resolve common disputes.

The team at  Guy O. Kornblum are legal Resolution Advocates who work to ensure their clients have just outcomes – for the long term.  They believe in resolving legal matters promptly and efficiently, and smartly.  By collaborating with Just Resolve for Neutral Dispute Resolution, they are able to get rid of disputes in a safe, cost effective way. Just Protection Plans and Just Free contract clauses shield clients from the harmful effects of contractual and employee disputes. As a Just Resolve arbiter, Guy Kornblum leverages his passion for dispute resolution through the proven NDR process.

YurJURY provides cost-effective virtual focus groups for attorneys and their clients to make better informed decisions about the viability, risks, choice of forum, and facts-based value of a legal case.  YurJury can also be used for fact-finding in an alternative resolution process such as that offered by Just Resolve.

Not every dispute requires or justifies thousands of dollars in legal fees. Just Resolve’s neutral-driven dispute resolution approach makes sense, especially as a starting point when disputes arise.  While litigation may ultimately be necessary, for Hopkins Carley, using Just Resolve early on is a low-cost, low-risk approach that can reap dividends for a company in the end.