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How a Neutral-Driven Resolution (“NDR”) Process Works

We are Just Resolve, a neutral service that uses a simple and practical 3-step method that helps you choose a neutral Arbiter to resolve your legal dispute.  This process is far better than litigation and its traditional alternatives for resolving common legal disputes that otherwise will cost more in legal fees and time than they are worth.  We call our method NDR, and it is fast, affordable and reliably fair.  Click on the Video to the right or read below to see how it works:

How it Works!

Two Parties Have a Legal Dispute! Both are eager to resolve it without the high costs of dueling attorneys. Now what?

Normally if both sides cannot come to an agreement, attorneys are consulted. That can lead to early settlement, but if it doesn't, things can go sideways and become expensive and frustrating!

If you use Just Resolve, we will recommend neutral Arbiter candidates with expertise in the area of your dispute. The parties agree on the Arbiter to use and also have the option to retain their own attorneys to consult with during the process.

The neutral Arbiter investigates and renders a tentative decision. Both parties have an opportunity to review and ask questions. The Arbiter then renders a final decision which is fair and principled and has cost a fraction of the usual legal process.

How a Neutral-Driven Process Saves You Money

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