Your Estimated Total Costs of Litigation with :
+/- 20%
Your Stakes:


When costs consume stakes

Just Resolve is a complementary tool for lawyers to better serve their clients:


  • A reliable place to refer uneconomic disputes that still need justice
  • The way to deliver better net results to clients in limited-stakes disputes
  • A powerful negotiating tool that exposes posturing and improves your
    ability to reach an early settlement of differences
  • Can be a binding process or an early neutral evaluation option
  • Enhance your role as trusted advisor
  • Know that you’ve put your client’s overall best interests first

FOR TRANSACTIONAL ATTORNEYS (i.e., By specifying Just Resolve in contracts …):

  • Give your clients free “insurance” against litigation with commercial partners
  • Keep your role as trusted counsel and advisor of first resort
  • Dramatically reduce your clients’ time and costs when in disputes
  • Gain key insights about the people with whom your clients are doing business
  • Enable clients to get real, proportional justice in common business disputes
  • Enhance your clients’ reputations and relationships as business partners
  • Use two-tiered and custom dispute resolution clauses to assure correct paths
    for limited and high stakes disputes