Just Right

Just Right articulates and promotes a simple and innovative neutral-driven approach to conflict resolution, instead of one driven by competing lawyer teams. Developed using lessons taught over a broad forty-year career in litigation and business, the method—which the author calls NDR—enables people and organizations to avoid most common legal disputes, and, when necessary, resolve them quickly and cost-effectively with minimal stress and distraction. Whether prescribed by contract or invoked during negotiations, the method delivers principled, fast, and cost-effective outcomes to all parties—win or lose.

Just Right illustrates the importance and need for a common sense approach to settling legal disputes. It provides the key to settling any legal issue or business disagreement through simplicity and a common sense focus on resolution. Rob Christopher lays out Just the Right approach and blueprint for achieving a fair and economical resolution for both parties.”

—Frank York, CEO, WL Butler Construction


Rob Christopher is a top peer-rated litigation attorney and general counsel for his family agribusiness. Over the last decade, he has developed and now champions a new approach to delivering real and cost-effective justice in common limited-stakes legal disputes through the use of a neutral-driven nonadversarial resolution process (NDR).

His published articles on the subject have appeared in numerous periodicals ranging from the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Docket to the California Lawyers Association’s California Litigation, and the Global Electronics Publication U.S. Tech, and he has founded an independent neutral service, Just Resolve, to evangelize adoption and use of the method.

Learn more at www.justresolve.com.

Rob lives in Morgan Hill, California, with his wife of over forty years. When not trying to disrupt wasteful lawsuits, he enjoys playing tennis, acting and singing in amateur community stage productions, volunteer and board service for his community’s charitable foundation, and sharing time and love with his growing family that now boasts four grandchildren.

Just Right is a brilliant primer on an innovative approach all can use to deter and resolve common legal disputes at affordable costs in money, time, and peace of mind. Rob Christopher delivers not just a compelling case for better process and outcomes, but practical insights, examples, and resources for how to get both. An insightful must read for all who have felt the bite of over-expensive, unnecessary lawsuits and have yearned for a better solution.”

—Sharon Reeves, President – Photoflex, Inc.

This important book by Rob Christopher hits the proverbial nail on the head. While Just Right is engaging and insightful, its real value is in providing a fair and practical approach to conflict resolution that delivers real justice while saving everyone time and money. Our legal system is slow, cumbersome, and inefficient for most disputes. Just Right is a must read for anyone who seeks to reduce risks for their company. At last, we now have a process that provides business owners a path forward to focus on their business—by quickly resolving disputes outside of a broken system”

—Jon W. Ball, Executive Vice President, Hensel Phelps (ret.)

Rob Christopher has brilliantly and creatively brought clarity, logic, compassion, and a real solution to an immense and common problem in American civil justice. Having suffered the impacts of disputes that spiral into costly irrational litigation, I wish I had known of Rob and the NDR technique earlier in my career. If you want to reduce costs and legal risks in your company, read this book!”

—Ofir Baharav, CEO, Power Breezer