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Robert Christopher's book, Just Right is an innovative approach to conflict resolution - Available NOW on AMAZON.

Just Right illustrates the importance and need for a common sense approach to settling legal disputes.

– Frank York, CEO, WL Butler Construction

The civil justice system is broken. And it’s time we fix it. 

I’ve developed a way to cut through the mess and resolve civil disputes in a more efficient, less costly manner.

NDR, Neutral-Driven Resolution, is a method I developed after a 40-year career in business and law to take the stress, headaches, and high cost out of settling business and other disputes. I’ve laid out a clear and compelling case for why and how anyone can use the NDR process to get real justice in resolving disputes—without expensive legal battles.

Read this book and join me in spreading the word about this  simple and practical path to civil justice—without the stress, distractions, and absurd cost of our current system.


“Just Right is a brilliant primer on an innovative approach all can use to deter and resolve common legal disputes at affordable costs in money, time, and peace of mind. Rob Christopher delivers not just a compelling case for better process and outcomes, but practical insights, examples, and resources for how to get both. An insightful must read for all who have felt the bite of over-expensive, unnecessary lawsuits and have yearned for a better solution.”

Sharon Reeves, President – Photoflex, Inc.

“This important book by Rob Christopher hits the proverbial nail on the head. While Just Right is engaging and insightful, its real value is in providing a fair and practical approach to conflict resolution that delivers real justice while saving everyone time and money. At last, we now have a process that provides business owners a path forward to focus on their business—by quickly resolving disputes outside of a broken system.”

Jon W. Ball, Executive Vice President, Hensel Phelps (ret.)

“Rob Christopher has brilliantly and creatively brought clarity, logic, compassion, and a real solution to an immense and common problem in American civil justice. Having suffered the impacts of disputes that spiral into costly irrational litigation, I wish I had known of Rob and the NDR technique earlier in my career. If you want to reduce costs and legal risks in your company, read this book!”

Ofir Baharav, CEO, Power Breezer


Robert Christopher

  • Passionate about building and keeping long term relationships with partners, customers, suppliers, contractors, employees, and others
  • A business owner, executive, entrepreneur, or corporate general counsel
  • An attorney committed to your clients’ best overall interests and net outcomes
  • Anyone who wants a fair and practical approach to conflict resolution that delivers real justice while saving everyone time, money, and peace of mind