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Just Protect

    Through this Just Protect Plan, ("Subscriber") gains protection, by using the tools and services described here, against costly litigation to resolve most common business disputes with customers, partners, vendors and contractors.

    This annual agreement with Just Resolve, LLC, provides Subscriber with the following:

    1. Customized Non-Adversarial Dispute Resolution (“NDR”) clauses for use in contracts with customers, partners, vendors and contractors. This includes sample templates and use notes, suggested introductory messaging, and an initial consultation with a Just Resolve expert about your contracts, needs, and any questions you may have.

    2. Complimentary “First Call” help line for information, neutral consultation to resolve a dispute, or further assistance in using any NDR contract clause. When you have a question or anticipate a dispute may arise, simply call Just Resolve customer service at (408) 418-4636. Two calls per year are included, with additional calls available for a small fee.

    3. Pioritized access to Just Resolve NDR process and arbiters if needed.

    For the Just Protect plan, you agree to pay $8 per month for a minimum of one year, or you may instead pay at checkout a discounted fee of $80 in advance. Your plan and fees will renew automatically at the end of each year unless and until you cancel.

    Money Back Guarantee: Just Resolve will refund your annual fee if you have a dispute and the court refuses to uphold the Just Resolve NDR process.

    After submitting this agreement and payment, you will receive a welcome letter with information on how to get the most out of your Just Protect plan.

    Thank you for trusting Just Resolve to help reduce your risk of costly lawsuits.

    Disclaimer: Just Resolve is a neutral dispute resolution service that does not act as anyone’s attorney, nor does it give legal advice.

    Note: You will receive a welcome letter with a variety of contract clause templates for your use. If you do not receive this after submission of payment details, please check your SPAM folder.

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