How to Keep Your Client When Litigation Isn’t the Answer

Every litigation attorney encounters the circumstance at one time or another: a long-standing client approaches you with a stubborn, both-sides-believe-they’re-right matter for which the many costs of litigation, and probably even getting to mediation, will be unreasonable compared to the limited money at stake.

  • How can you deliver real and economic justice to the client?
  • How can you remain the trusted legal advisor of first resort for your client and not take the case?
  • Do you take the case and know that you will steeply discount your fees throughout an uncertain and open-ended nightmare?

You want to help, but the economics just don’t add up for either of you.

Just Resolve is an alternative dispute resolution forum and process for resolving this kind of dispute in a way that truly meets all of the above concerns. Instead of an adversarial resolution process with all its attendant costs, Just Resolve administers a high-integrity, neutral-driven method that delivers quality outcomes in a fraction of the time and cost. Because its simple, practical method is directed by mutually agreed neutrals, the cost to each party can be fixed at the outset at a level guaranteed not to consume most of the stakes. Your clients’ budget and cash flow are assured in a fast, fair process. The other side gets all the same benefits as you and your client, and proposing this solution communicates strength and belief, not weakness. Finally, Just Resolve is not a competing law practice threatening to undermine your client relationship and your critical role in high stakes disputes. So you can refer (and advise on) appropriate matters with confidence, creating a relative win-win for all concerned.


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