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Contract Clauses

The best way to deter threats of litigation and minimize the costs, duration and distractions of resolving any dispute is to put a dispute resolution clause specifying Just Resolve in all of your contracts, BEFORE there is a problem. Clauses can be inserted into common business contracts with Customers, Vendors, Partners, Agents, Consultants and others. The clauses lay out a binding agreement by both parties to use the Just Resolve method to settle any disagreements arising out of the agreement. Alternatively, in those contracts where disagreements could involve truly high stakes or complexities justifying the time and costs of all the tools and rights of attorney advocacy, the parties can specify Just Resolve for common disputes up to some agreed dollar value, and then specify another forum and process like court or arbitration for larger disputes.
Below is a sample dispute resolution contract clause to reduce risk of lawsuits  using Just Resolve’s method:
DISPUTE RESOLUTION. The parties agree to submit any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement to independent neutral service Just Resolve LLC (, or its successor, for binding neutral-driven, non-adversarial resolution (“NDR”) according to its then-current rules. Either party may commence such a resolution by written request delivered to Just Resolve and to the other party stating the subject of the dispute and the relief requested.*
*Disclaimer: Just Resolve does not give legal advice. Applicable law and public policy may vary by state or subject matter. Therefore, obtain independent business attorney review before using or adapting any Just Resolve template clause.
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We offer a selection of clause templates, corresponding to a wide variety of situations and available options, including language covering expedited mediation, forum selection based on dispute type or size, the number of arbiters, appeal, and advisory resolves.

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