Your Estimated Total Costs of Litigation with :
+/- 20%
Your Stakes:


For limited stakes disputes

No matter how big the business, some disputes lack the high stakes to warrant using outside counsel.

This is where Just Resolve enhances company profits by saving time, money and unproductive distractions:  

  • Specify us in contracts and get free “insurance” against costly litigation
  • Bridge the gap: Quit suffering extortion from crazies and opportunists while having to forego valid claims because of high legal costs  
  • Use us only when negotiations fail, and then get fast, affordable, real justice
  • Enhance your company’s image and reputation as a business partner
  • Propose us and learn much about who you are doing business with
  • In negotiations, expose posturing and obtain more principled settlements
  • Use two-tiered dispute resolution clauses to assure correct paths for
    limited and high stakes disputes
  • In a high-stakes case, use us for a cost-effective early neutral evaluation