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Explore below to learn more about the advantages of using Just Resolve for dispute resolution. At the heart of these advantages is our innovative non-adversarial process led by a neutral arbiter for a fixed fee that is stakes-appropriate.

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Learn how you save time, money, stress and relationships by eliminating dueling lawyers and most of the discovery process, which saves you more than 2/3 of traditional legal expenses.


Arbiters. Unlike with litigation and other dispute resolution methods, Neutral Arbiters will investigate and resolve your dispute. Just Resolve recruits, vets, and proposes neutral arbiters to resolve disputes for its customers. If we don’t currently have an arbiter that covers your required area of expertise, we will recruit, vet, and propose additional arbiters for your consideration.

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  • Expert

What Customers are Saying

Eugene Ashley, Shareholder, Hopkins & Carley ALC

I recommend Just Resolve when litigation is not the right solution for my client.

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If we haven’t Answered Your Most Pressing Questions…

Isn’t this what I have business liability insurance for?
The common business disputes that Just Resolve addresses (e.g., breach of contract) typically are not covered by insurance. For example, in our experience, commercial general liability policies only cover the risk of liability principally for property damage…