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About Us

As a highly respected attorney of over 40 years’ experience, Just Resolve’s founder, Rob Christopher recognized that litigating common disputes involving modest or limited financial stakes typically costs more in legal fees, time, and stress than the disputes are worth. Consequently, many people and businesses walk away from their rights or suffer extortionate settlements rather than seek justice in lawyer-driven arenas such as court, arbitration, or mediation. 


Just Resolve wants to change that.


The innovative method Rob and his team have developed—Neutral-Driven Resolution (NDR)—reduces ALL costs of resolving these disputes by 4-6X, so that seeking and getting real justice becomes both a reasonable and affordable choice. NDR uses neutral arbiters or experts agreed upon by both sides to objectively investigate a dispute and render a fair, binding decision.* It eliminates the major sources of legal costs, delay, and aggravation typical of advocate-driven legal process—maneuver, pleadings, formal discovery, briefs and motions, trial preparation, etc.—and replaces them with a simple and cooperative search for factual and legal truth.

Using NDR, disputes can usually be resolved in 3-7 weeks for a reasonable fixed fee that is a small fraction of the stakes. Even just proposing NDR during contract or dispute settlement negotiations can change perceptions, break impasses, and reveal valuable insights about opponents.

Finally, Just Resolve’s NDR is more than just a dispute resolution process or method. It’s a movement to close a large and growing gap in the ability of our lawyers and legal system to deliver truly fair and affordable justice in everyday disputes that arise in business and life in general.

Look around our website to find out more about NDR and how you can use it to protect you or your business.

*Alternatively, parties can use NDR as a nonbinding neutral evaluation in aid of settlement negotiations

Our Mission

Our innovative dispute resolution process delivers real justice to honest businesses and individuals wherever traditional adversarial process and advocacy are too expensive and inefficient.

We champion and oversee a simple, truth-focused method of investigation and analysis that is driven by party-approved neutral judges, peers, or experts, instead of dueling lawyers.

We are building an enlightened community of adopters and advocates of this much-needed revolution for resolving disagreements swiftly,affordably, and collaboratively.